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Bronze: Hand Techniques - Body-Face-Face Blitz

I began using this triple combination back in 2000 at the world championships in Munich, Germany. It has been my go to move whenever I needed to score and I believe it is a great blitz that can work for you. Work on the footwork and pay close attention to the key points to refine this drill and make it yours.

Bronze: Agility Ladder #9

The Icky Shuffle is one of the most quickest drills because of its footwork and number of steps. The key point to faster footwork is to keep your body in the middle of the ladder and have your legs do all the work. A common mistake is to step out too wide and put too much weight on the outside leg. Keep your steps minimal and your center of gravity in the middle of the ladder so that you can move with ease.

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Plyometrics #1

Plyometrics has always been an integral part to my strength and conditioning program. Without it, I wouldn't be as explosive and dynamic when executing my techniques. Incorporate plyometric training to your workouts and see the difference first hand.

Defense Drill #2

This drill will teach you how to defend against the Jodan Gyaku and Kizami Zuki. It relies on lateral shifting to evade the attack and then finishes with a counter. The key to this drill is quick lateral movement and good timing.

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Triangle Series #3

Triangle drill #3 begins with a simple block & counter and then works on a quick follow up technique. Person #1 once again is the one who calls out aloud and determines where the action goes to first. The key point is to transition as quickly as possible from one technique to the other.

Speed & Power #3

This a great drill to develop POWER for your double step Gyaku Zuki. It utilizes the medicine ball as a tool to develop that explosive pop. It's a fun and dynamic drill that can be used by all practitioners. Build up to 4 sets with 1-minute rest between sets.

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